Weight: 2-2.5 kgs
Life span: 4-10 years
Gestation: 1 month
Newborns: 4-12
Sustenance: grass, green leaves, vegetable
Predators: fox, wolf, dog, human

Information: Rabbit (anc. coney) is a small mammal of the family of rabbit living in many parts of the world. They have a body length of 40-50 cm, a short tail, thick hair bristles with different colors, varying according to race, and long ears. There are seven different
breeds in the family in which rabbits are classified, while there are many other species of rabbits, which, along with Sylvilago, pika and hare form the Lagomorpha class.

Interesting information: The word rabbit is not a term of systematic biology. It is used for these kinds of different genres, similar to the European rabbit.