Kri kri (Cretan wild goat)

Scientific name: Capra aegagrus cretica
Weight: Male 45-90 kg, Femlae 25-55
Dimensions: 1.29 – 1.52 m height, 55-90 cm
Life span: 22 years
Gestation: 150-160 days
Newborns: 1-2
Population in Greece: about 2000
IUCN status: endangered
Threats: Breeding with domestic goats and illegal hunting
Habitat: Steep highlands
Sustenance: herbivorous, grass, bush and tree leaves
Origin: The island of Crete and small nearby islands

Information: Also known as kri-kri it was imported to Crete from Asia during the Neolithic Age and later bred with domesticated goats. Since it is found nowhere else it is considered endemic to Crete. It is not a separate sub species of the wild goat but a feral goat coming from the first herds of domestic goats of Asia Minor and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean around 8000 to 7500 BC.