Shetland Pony

It comes from the Shetland Isles (North of Scotland) and mainly from Fulla Island, which is located on the north-east coast of Scotland and has only 38 inhabitants. Many call it the “Edge of the World” and it is one of the most remote islands in Britain. The island is the place of origin of the Shetland pony since the Bronze Age. According to Independent, the ratio of pony to theninhabitants of the island is 50 to 1 It was iitially used to transport seaweed for fuel but gradually, due to its low height of less than 106cm, it was extensively used in the coal mines of England. The Shetland Pony was domesticated in 500 BC. and has even been for plowing. Due to the cold climate from which they originally come they have dense and waterproof coat. They eat grass, clover, oats, barley. Nowadays, it is found all over the world mainly as a pet due to its mild character but also for riding by young children.

Interesting facts: In the Equine category, Shetland ponies are the strongest in proportion to their size.