Scientific name: latin: Pavo
Dimensions: The male reaches 1.25m in length
Life span: 25-40
Incubation: 1 month
Newborns: 4-5 eggs
Social structural: pairs or small teams
Sustenance: It is omnivorous and eats mostly wheat, fruit, insects, small mammals and serpents
Origin: China

Information: It lives in the forests and seeks food either during dawn or after sunset. The males have different appearance than the females. They mate during rain season. During the ancient times, it was brought from Chine to Europe and was domesticated in an unknown way. It was popular in Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece and Rome. IT was believed to be protected by the gods and therefore it could be found in temples and the courtyards of the houses of the rich.

Interesting fact: It is a protected species in modern India.