It is a mammal belonging to the family genus Camelus, which means it is related to the camel. IT is domesticated and was bred selectively from the Guanaco. Its height exceeds 1 meter, it weighs more than 100 kgs and lives for 15-25 years. Its fur is ling either red-brown or black or white depending on the breed. It lives in South America and it is highly connected to the lives of people in the Andes who used the Lama for carrying and other chores as they can withstand the cold and can move by 30 kms a day carrying over 60 kgs. They are obedient animals and have good balance enabling them to climb in steep paths. They tend to adopt sheep in ther families and defend as if they are their own. For this reason, Lamas are also used to guard sheep, goats and horses. The females are not used for carrying but for wool production instead. Their gestation lasts 10 months and they only bear one newborn which after 1.5 years has its own family. The wool of the lama is of excellent quality, its milk is drinkable and its meat edible.