Greek Shepherd dog

It comes from the Ancient Greek Molossus which Alexander the Great used in his campaigns, as well as the King Pyros of Epirus, while Plato talks about his gifts and courage. It has been bred for centuries for the keeping of flocks, in the isolated environment of the Pindos mountain range. The management of the flocks in mountain pastures as well as the transfer of most flocks from the lowlands to the mountainous summer pastures was slow, specific routes where the Greek Shepherd dogs had to protect the flock constantly. This dog is an excellent guardian who prevents damage to livestock by dealing with wild boars threatening the flocks either by chasing them or by engaging them. He is robust, with good physical shape characterized by a strong skeleton and good muscular coverage, able to move all day under adverse weather conditions, in inaccessible areas and with minimal food requirements. The animal’s pastoral character also distinguishes stamina, muscular strength, guarding instinct, independence of action, high sense of living space, aggression towards wildlife, courage, loyalty to the herd and its owner.